Microdosing – Zim 2010

Comment – Local Farmer’s Market Meets Market Demand

UN Sustainable Agriculture Business Practices – White Paper 2013

Initiative for Smallholder Finance

Nature Based Tourism – Introduction to Ecotourism Experience

Plan B 4.0 – Mobilizing to Save Civilization by Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute

Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein

Comments I’v Made

Business Fights Poverty – Is there a distinction between CSR and Inclusive Business?

Business Fights Poverty – A Shared Value Approach to Protecting Forests?

Business Fights Poverty – How to foster financial innovation by creating agency for the poor?

Stanford Social Innovation Review – Remaking the Food System

Green Money – Off Grid Investing: Perspectives and Voices of a Transforming Financial System

The Guardian – Ethical Alternatives to the Cooperative Bank

What Investment – Why ethical investments are being non-ethical

Slow Money – Opinion:  From Bitcoins to Beets

The Hatchet – Business Dean Fired Over Budget Gap

The Kojo Nnamdi Show – The Future of Business School

Stanford Social Innovation Review – Why Silence is Not Enough

Business Fights Poverty – Doing Business in Agriculture:  How to create a positive policy environment for agriculture?

Civil Eats – Want to change the food system? Here’s where to start …My comment

Business Fights Poverty – Does Fortifying Food Help Improve Nutrition for the Poorest People?

Business Fights Poverty – How can we inspire the next generation of farmers?

Next Billion – Sustainable Farming Needs Sustainable Finance

Forbes – How to Help 450 Million Poor Farmers Without Destroying the Earth

Democracy in Africa – Africa could feed the world, but smallholders will be key

Agriculture for Impact – Can we feed the the world?

Agri-Hub Uganda – Agricultural Risk Management Services: A Key to Increasing Financial Inclusion of Farmers

Agri-Hub Uganda – The Wealth in Passion Fruit Farming

MidCity DC News – Local Farmers Markets Meet Local Demand

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